Buchan Consulting recommends Nextiva for VOIP Services

Settling the Nextiva vs. Vonage Debate

Voice over IP services can help your small business expand its communication capabilities at costs significantly lower than conventional phone lines, but the number of companies now offering those services can be daunting for businesses installing VoIP for the first time. At Buchan Consulting, we recommend services provided by Nextiva

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The TiVo Roamio is a great option for new cable-cutters

Roamio: A Great Entry Point for Cable-Cutters

If you're been looking into upgrading your home theater set-up, you may have heard about the latest options for cord-cutting: devices and arrangements designed to free you from cable contracts without losing access to the great shows and movies you get on your cable company's DVR. One alternative is known as an Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR, a device that can play broadcast channels in real time as well as offer streaming and on-demand options. At Buchan Consulting, we've been impressed by the TiVo Roamio, an OTA DVR that offers fantastic functionality in a simple, affordable package.

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The Houzz Survey revealed the increasing popularity of bold, well-lit projects, like this one pictured from Coastal Source

Houzz Survey Reveals Trends Toward Unique, Well-lit Landscapes

It's a season of big, bold, outdoor changes for homeowners. Houzz, a popular platform for the architecture and design community, recently surveyed 1,000 homeowners that had recently undertaking a landscaping project. The results indicate an increasing taste for projects that set a house apart from its neighbors, as well as projects that incorporate more smart lighting elements. If you're thinking about a landscaping project, the warmer months are great time to get started, and Buchan Consulting can help you develop the smart components of your project to create a landscape that wows.

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We Just Gave Our Employees a Raise

We just gave our employees a raise. Why?

We gave them a raise because they work hard. They work when we need them, they work long days, they work in the heat, their hands get cut, their legs get tired, and their families don't get to spend all of the time they might like to spend with them.

Our employees work hard and they deserve the money they make. We believe in paying them well and we don't think they should shoulder the burden of our state's greedy legislature.

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