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Music is appreciated by all. Consumers surround themselves with music, in the car, at home, on the go. With music readily available through popular streaming services like Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Music, SiriusXM and more it’s easier than ever to listen to the music you like anytime. 

Whole-home distributed audio systems can be hardwired into a home, using wiring that was pre-wired during new construction or remodeling phases or can be wireless using Bluetooth or WiFi.  

The goal of a whole-home audio system, whether it be wired or wireless, is to fill the home with music that is completely in-sync throughout the rooms. A whole-home audio system is one of our top 5 choices of products to install into your home.  



Wireless music systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, and Denon Heos are some of the most popular systems out there. They're easy to purchase, install, and enjoy. Sometimes, in the case of existing construction when the homeowner does not wish to run wiring for in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, these wireless options can be the preferred installation choice.  


The most common speakers you'll see in a professionally installed whole-home audio system will be in-ceiling speakers. A variety of options are available to align with budgets, design aesthetics, and audio quality. In-ceiling speakers provide even dispersion of audio and a higher quality listening experience than wireless speakers.  


For the consumer not looking to see technology in their design aesthetic, we offer invisible in-wall speakers. These speakers become part of the drywall with no visible features whatsoever. The benefit of the speaker, besides being invisible, is that there is a very wide dispersion of sound which ensures an even listening environment throughout the space.  


The quality of the audio from your speakers will depend on the wiring (if hardwired), quality of the speaker, and often overlooked, the quality of the source.  


A good quality wireless speaker will come from Sonos or Denon Heos. These speakers easily surpass the quality of an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device and offer a wider variety of product within their product lineups. These wireless options are best suited for retrofit when the walls are already up and speaker wire can't be ran. 


A blend of simplicity with a quality hardwired speaker, like that of Origin Acoustics paired with a Sonos amplifier leads to a quality audio experience combined with ease of use. Alternatively, a better wireless audio system can come from companies like Bluesound that deliver the same feature set as Sonos but with true hi-def lossless audio streaming at high resolutions.  


The tipping point towards a premium system comes from a powerful amp, paired with a high definition media source streaming lossless audio into the amplifier, hardwired with quality 14 gauge or better speaker wire, and premium in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. 


When choosing which whole home audio system fits your needs, there are some things to consider. 

  1. Are you going to have access to the walls and ceilings to run speaker wire? 
  2. How many zones, or rooms, of audio do you want? 
  3. What quality of audio are you interested in? 

The answers to those questions will guide the decision on what the best solution for your whole-home audio will be. If you'll have walls and ceilings exposed to run wiring, or if you simply want better audio, we highly recommend in-wall and in-ceiling speakers installed with quality speaker wire and quality music streaming sources.  


Buchan Consulting sells and installs a variety of whole-home audio brands and speakers, including but not limited to: 

  • Sonos 
  • Heos 
  • Bluesound 
  • Elan 
  • Control4 / Triad 
  • Amazon Alexa 
  • Google Home 
  • Autonomic 
  • Origin Acoustics 
  • Episode 

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