Commercial Displays and Mounting

Businesses today utilize digital displays for a variety of reasons. High definition displays, including projectors, can be used for digital signage, news, presentations, slideshows, and more.

Whether your display is ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or a custom configuration including video walls, Buchan Consulting LLC has the solutions you need. Our solutions maximize the impact of your displays, are aesthetically pleasing, and meticulously installed.

Displays can be controlled using one of our automation and control solutions and video signals can be distributed across displays using video matrix switches, providing the optimal solution  for bars, restaurants, and retail.

In addition, Buchan Consulting LLC carries interactive touch displays that create an interactive experience for your clients. Wall or table mounted, these displays provide information while engaging your customer.

Communicate your message effectively; let Buchan Consulting LLC’s trained and certified technicians evaluate your specific requirements. Contact us today by calling 847-440-4776 or by clicking here to request a free estimate.

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