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Managed Infrastructure

Managed infrastructure is an industry term that is used broadly and has various implementations in different fields. The concept, however, is to reduce overall infrastructure size and cost. Throughout the past two decades technology has been booming. When many of the technologies we use today, like phones, faxes, and email were first developed, nobody recognized the need for all of these technologies to work seamlessly together. Today we are more cognoscente than ever of the costs of having poorly deployed technologies.

Buchan Consulting looks at your current IT infrastructure, whether it be at home or in the office, and helps to determine ways in which various technologies can be implemented to create a less expensive and more cohesive infrastructure.

Did you know that your phone can be set up to ring multiple phones at once or send you an email transcript of new voicemails on your smart phone? Services like this can work seamlessly with documents management, email, and other solutions in one cohesive environment; all for a low cost.

Small businesses need these services to be controlled and rolled out to their employees in a safe and organized manner. It’s important to recognize the needs to access controls and security in any new technology.

Buchan Consulting can work with your to determine your needs and how your current and future IT infrastructure can be more efficiently, centrally, and cohesively managed to empower your business.

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